The Open is Closed!

Another CrossFit Open in the books.  We hope you enjoyed the process, reveled in your PRs and have new goals for next year.  Write them down and work on them each will be glad you did!  Check out our update show for the final point count!

Todd and AJ announce the winners of the 2018 DRiV Cup and talk about their highlights from the 2018 CrossFit Open

Finale Week is Here!

Week 5 is here and surely won't disappoint.  Come out Thursday night to see what final workout is in store and watch the Coaches throw down 18.5 right after the announcement.  For more and to see who took the points in week 4.....


This week's episode is brought to you by the Yoga Box. Todd and AJ recap 18.4, update the team standings, and announce who will be throwing down Thursday night after the live announcement.

3 Down....

...and 2 to go! Three weeks in, and the workouts continue to spawn sweat, fury and many PR's!  It was so great watching those first (or first in a long time) muscle ups and pull ups.  Oh, and some were reminded that jumping a rope is hard...annoyingly hard at times.  Have fun this week - see you on Thursday night!

Week 3 is here!

Week 2 of the Open did not disappoint.  The workout was a burner, but all the PR's made it so worth it.  Team Purple still has the lead, but the gap is getting closer.  See you Thursday night to cheer on your brave announcement athletes and on Friday for the lululemon Pop Up and 18.3 fun.


Week 1 in the Books

18.1 was long and brutal, but many still found a way to like it and put out great scores.  Kudos to all that showed up and did the wod and cheered on their teams.  Speaking of teams,  drum roll for the leader of week 1 and the athletes throwing down Thursday night......(you have to watch to find out)!

Todd and AJ discuss 18.1 and go over the team standings, as well as announce who will be throwing down on Thursday night fro 18.2

Open Teams Are Out!

Get excited to rep your GREEN, PURPLE, NAVY or TURQUOISE to see who Blue Steel will pass the trophy to this year!

Everyone can get points for their team, regardless of how you do the workout.  Thursday nights will kick off with the announcement watch parties at 8pm, followed by each team having one ore more do the workout.

All Friday workouts will be the Open wods.  Spirit is encouraged and always motivating, but will not earn points this year.

Here's how to get points:

  • Sign up for the Open ( = 1 point
  • Thursday night competitors = 1 point
  • Sign in* to a class on Friday (CAN ONLY SIGN YOURSELF IN**) = 1 point each week
  • Log your open score online (Monday 8pm cutoff) = 1 point each week

End of Open Bonus Points:

  • 2 points for having signed in on Friday every week
  • 2 points for having logged scores every week
  • 2 points for having signed in and logging scores every week


* You get the point for coming to class whether you are working out, cheering on your team or just stopping by for the point.  Workout can be done at another designated time, if needed.  Thursday night competitors already get a point, so the Friday check in isn't worth a point.

**If a team is caught signing anyone other than themselves in (whether the other person is at the gym or not), there will be severe penalty...just don't cheat.