Greg & Caleb

What brought you to CrossFit in the first place? 
   Caleb: It was the idea that I thought I was too small, and seeing my dad workout inspired me to join him.
Greg: I was bored with traditional gym workout and had little motivation to go to the gym much less complete a workout. While playing golf with one of the members, he convinced me I should try CrossFit. I reached out to DRIV and Todd kept calling even after I ignored him several time, so I finally agreed to come for a test with AJ

What was your first impression? How has that changed?
Caleb: I thought it was going to be way too hard for me for how small I was but now I see that anyone can do this.
Greg: I had the typical misconceptions of the CrossFit community. I thought it was heavy weight, and impossible workouts to complete. Even during my intro class with AJ I mentioned to him that all I heard was that you will get hurt doing Crossfit. I never knew anything about scaling a workout. I have learn that as AJ would say “just do you” and keep showing up. The workouts don’t get easier but you get stronger. The coaches are great about going through the movements beforehand and checking in with you before every workout to see where you are that day. Every day is different.

What was your favorite "Bright Spot?" 
Caleb: Probably being able to run that 5k I’ve been wanting to run and I don’t have chicken home legs
Greg: Running the 5K! As we all know running is my kryptonite and I really disliked it. I would cherry pick the workout that involved running for the first few months of starting until I had a conversation with John McLain and he pushed me to keep going. “The only way to get better is to keep running.” I am not saying I love it now but I would have never imagined I would run a 5k. It might be slow and I might look like I am going to die but I completed it. So I chalk that up as a win!

What are you working on now?
Caleb: Just everything all around, I want to be a bit bigger so I can help people when they need it.
Greg: I am working on the gymnastic movements. Looking forward to the next specialty class.

What’s your favorite DRiV Fitness memory?
Caleb: Probably doing “Murph.” That was a fun workout to do and pushed me to keep going.
Greg: Completing Murph with Caleb. Working out with him keeps me wanting to do better and set a example of how hard work will pay off not only in the gym but in everything you do.