Before DRiV, working out was a constant struggle. I would do just enough to get by, but I dreaded every minute of it. I would have never considered myself physically strong or even athletic. Onramp was so scary. Every single aspect of Crossfit was new to me. It took just about everything I had to put my pride aside and participate in something that I wasn't going to be able to master right away. Five and a half years later, and, well, I still haven't mastered it. But, that's what's so amazing about Crossfit - you can always do a little more; always get a little better. You're constantly just trying to compete with the athlete you were last year or last week. Over the past five years, I've slowly but surely gotten a little better. Because of DRiV, today, I would consider myself strong. Today, I can put myself in a situation where I feel completely vulnerable and give something a try because I may end up embarrassing myself, but next week, next year, I'll be stronger. Thank you, DRiV, for everything you have done for me and for being such an integral part of my family.