Moms In Training


Whether you are thinking of starting a family, are currently pregnant or postpartum, you are a mom in training!


I'm her to coach you through your fitness goals safely before, during and after pregnancy.  Every moms journey is different.  What makes this course unique is that we focus on your needs as an individual, and at the same time foster a community that provides support from other moms.

Classes will be held on Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 10:15am.  Limited spots are available, use the form below for more information or to reserve your spot.  Children all ages welcome!

1-on-1 Intro Consult - $65

Unlimited Monthly Classes - $120

12 Classes - $200



This 6 week recover & reset program is designed for early on postpartum moms & pregnant moms looking to reset. 

This is not a “bootcamp” or “quick fix” class. The main focus will be on breathing, posture, learning how to properly engage the pelvic floor & core, & how to move safely throughout your day with functional movements. Experiencing leaking when sneezing, running, jumping, coughing, pain, discomfort, diastasis recti ( separation of the midline) this 6 week program is for you! 

Spots are limited. Tuesday & Thursdays at 9:15 - 10am

Cost is $160 for the 6 week program. Must be at least 3 weeks postpartum vaginal delivery & 6 weeks postpartum cesarean delivery. 

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